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New & Replacement Water Heaters

It is hard to imagine a modern house without its own water heater. We often don’t think about our water heaters while they are running, but it can be a huge inconvenience when it breaks down. K Komfort can help by offering quality water heaters that are right for your home and budget. Our water heaters include conventional gas and electric tank heaters, high efficiency, and tankless.


For more information on our full line of energy-efficient water heaters, give us a call at 414-906-9006!

RHEEM Prestige™ Tankless Water Heaters

Up to 94% Energy Efficient
  • Industry First! 0.26 GPM minimum flow rate, 0.40 GPM minimum activation flow rate
  • RTGH-95 for 3 bathroom homes*– 9.5 gal./min. at 35°F rise max., 8.4 gal./min. at 45°F rise SCAQMD rule 1146.2 compliant
  • RTGH-84 for 2-3 bathroom homes*– 8.4 gal./min. at 35°F rise max., 6.6 gal./min. at 45°F rise SCAQMD rule 1146.2 complian

RHEEM Prestige™ Series TANKLESS Water Heaters build on the benefits of standard RHEEM tankless water heaters making them the most efficient line of whole home tankless water heaters. They provide the convenience of continuous hot water with the added benefits of a high efficiency unit.

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  • Self-diagnostic system for easy installation and service
  • Digital display shows temperature setting and maintenance codes
  • Two-pipe direct vent system designed for PVC pipe, see instructions for details
  • Hot start programming helps minimize fluctuation in water temperature, referred to as “cold water sandwich,” during periods of frequent on/off operation
  • Built-in electric blower
  • Exclusive! Guardian overheat film wrap (OFW)
  • EZ-Link cable available for higher demand applications to connect two tankless units to operate as one
  • Manifold up to six units with an optional MIC-6 manifold control board
  • Manifold up to 20 units with the optional MIC-185 plus the MICS-180 manifold control assembly
  • High-altitude capability – up to 9,840 ft. elevation above sea level
  • Compact space saving design – about the size of a medicine cabinet

Takagi Tankless Water Heater

Heating Efficiency
95% NG & LPG
  • High efficiency, tankless water heater
  • Direct & In-direct hot water supply
  • Can be used with storage tanks, recirculation systems, hydronic heating systems, radiant floor systems, and / or domestic & heating applications

High quality high efficiency tankless water heaters from Takagi allow huge savings on your energy bill as it heats the water just when you need it just as much as you need. And in addition to that, you never run out of water!

  • Maximum flow rate of 8.0 GPM at 35°F temperature rise (4.9 GPM at 70°F rise)
  • Energy Factor of 0.95 for NG and LPG
  • Primary heat exchanger utilizes HRS35 commercial-grade copper alloy for 25 times better heat transfer than stainless steel
  • Secondary heat exchanger utilizes 316L stainless steel for better corrosion resistance
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified
  • Complies with Ultra-Low NOx regulations of less than 14 ng/J (<20ppm)
  • Indoor model has integrated controls and power cord as standard features
  • Outdoor model includes remote control as standard feature
  • Venting with Schedule 40 PVC, CPVC, PP, Category III stainless steel
  • Safety features include freeze, overheat, surge protection, and troubleshooting diagnostic codes

Bradford (white) Extra Recovery Atmospheric Vent Water Heater

Heating Efficiency
95% NG & LPG
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Advanced Temperature Control System
  • Intelligent Diagnostics
  • Pilot On Indication
  • Green LED
  • Separate Immersed Thermowell

The Bradford extra recovery atmospheric vent water heater utilizes a draft diverter which is atmospherically vented, but provides the extra recovery system; this translates to an increased amount of hot water available at a usable temperature in less time than normal.

Great for those looking for nearly-continuous hot water while remaining energy-conscious.

To learn more about this water heater, or to get a free quote, give us a call at 414-906-9006 today!
  • Pedestal base
  • Factory installed Hydrojet 2™ Total Performance System
  • Vitraglas® lining
  • ¾” NPT side connections
  • 2″ Non-CFC foam insulation
  • 1″ NPT factory installed dielectric waterway fittings
  • Protective magnesium anode rod
  • 4″ “Snap Lock” draft diverter
  • T&P relief valve installed
  • Brass drain valve

AO Smith Vertex™ 100 Water Heaters

Heating Efficiency
96% Thermal Efficiency
  • 50-gallon tank
  • 100,00 BTU gas burner
  • 96% thermal efficiency
  • 6-year limited warranty
  • Meets Low NOx emissions requirements

The AO Smith Vertex™ Power Direct Vent gas water heater provides an unbelievable 96% thermal efficiency rating, and is designed to deliver a continuous flow of 4 gallons per minute, giving you constant hot water for your home. This is a great water heater system for those looking for highly efficient water heaters!

For more information on this water heater, or to receive a free estimate, give us a call at 414-906-9006 today!
  • 50-gallon tank
  • 100,00 BTU gas burner
  • 96% thermal efficiency
  • 6-year limited warranty
  • Meets Low NOx emissions requirements
  • Large LCD display
  • Precise temperature control
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • iCOMM compatible!
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